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Charming triple gift packs of aQuas present you shower gel, body splash and 24 hour lasting moisturizer body and hand cream to care your body during and after bath. They are named after beautiful women Emmanuelle, Isabella and Catherina to make you more charming then they are.
When you are bathing use warm water instead of hot, do not use soap but use shower gel. These will help you retain some of your skin's moisture. aQuas shower gels gently cleans your body without disturbing your skin's own protective layer and provides extra moistures through its moisturizing activity. You will experience a bath pleasure with the irresistible odours of aQuas shower gels. After shower mist your body with body splashes both to preserve the moisture and make your skin joyous with splendid odours.
When come to moisturizer, aQuas Body and Hand creams offer you 24 hour lasting moisturizing. It is a humectant based moisturizer which is great for those of us with dry skin or oily skin as aQuas moisturizers are water based and contain just enough moisturizing oil. aQuas Body and Hand creams work by absorbing and retaining water from the air and lower layers of the skin. aQuas Body and Hand creams adds moisture instead of just trapping the water that is already there. The splendid odours of aQuas Body and Hand creams give extraordinary relief while moisturizing your skin.

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